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Rules & Regulations

Site regulations
  1. Only one unit per campsite
  2. All motor coaches, RV's, fifth wheels, or travel trailers must be parked on padded site.
  3. Class B Vans are prohibited. Other vans and truck campers are prohibited.
  4. All units must have window coverings, sleeping facilities, and approved electrical hook-ups.
  5. No parking on grass, street, or vacant lots.
  6. One family per campsite. Family is considered to be two adults and up to 4 minor children
  7. Guests may have a tent in addition to their Rv. (Max 10 people with RV & tent combined)
  8. 1 tent per site on concrete pad only, must be taken down by 11AM daily. $10 fee applied if not taken down by 11 a.m. Tents may be set-up after 7 p.m. daily
Vehicle Regulations
  1. All vehicles must be registered and parked in designated areas.
  2. Dune buggies, cycles, and quads are prohibited.
  3. Motorcycles, mopeds, min-bikes, and golf carts must not create a disturbance or nuisance.
  4. Speed limit for all vehicles is 10MPH
  5. Persons without an operator's license are not permitted to operate any motorized vehicle in the park.
Site Maintenance
  1. No mailboxes, personal signs, soliciting signs permitted.
  2. Satellite dishes are permitted, but must be attached to the unit.
  3. No fires except in fire pits, using wood or charcoal only.
  4. All camp fires must be out by 1:00AM.
    1. No firewood can be brought in due to emerald ash borer.
    2. This policy is strictly enforced and non-compliance will result in forfeiture of your campsite.
  5. Alcohol permitted on your site only in moderation.
  6. Sewer lines must use ocllars to eliminate odor.
  7. Site must be kept clean and neat.
  8. No washing, servicing, or repairs of units in the park.
  9. Trash must be bagged securely in plastic and placed at curb side between 9:00AM-10:00AM.
  10. Soliciting is prohibited.
  11. No parties permitted.
  12. Renter is responsible for any damage to the unit sites.
  13. Quiet hours are from 11PM - 8AM.

Please note, our Grounds Team mows the property every Wednesday beginning at 10 AM

Visitor Courtesies
  1. All visitors must register at the Registration Office.
  2. $8.00 fee per vehicle. Six visitors per vehicle maximum.
  3. Be considerate, walk on roadways not through campsites.
  4. Noise from all sources must be minimized so not to disturb other guests.
  5. No subleasing of sites.
Pet Courtesies
  1. 2 pets per unit.
  2. Pets may never be left unattended at any time.
  3. Pets must be on a leash no longer than 6' when outside and away from unit
  4. Pets are not allowed in any playground area, camp store, laundry facility, bathhouse, or beach area.
  5. Pets ar enot permitted to wander onto other sites.
  6. Excessive barking, growling or aggressive behavior is not permittted in park.
  7. Droppings must be picked up immediately and disposed of in a sealed plastic bag. A pet waste station is available.
  8. Pet waste will not be tolerated. A cleaning fee of $25 will be assessed to the renter if waste is left on site.
Beach Rules
  1. No lifeguard on duty at any time ‐ swim at your own risk.
  2. Children 14 & under must be supervised by an adult
  3. No pushing, shoving, or dunking
  4. No horse play or throwing sand.
  5. Suitable swimsuit must be worn at all times.
  6. No loitering
  7. SEHRVP is not liable for any injuries or accidents while participating in water activities. This includes, but is not limited to, watercraft rentals, swimming, promotional activities, or use of the water trampoline.
  8. Personal watercraft (kayaks, paddle boards, canoes, boats, etc.) are not allowed.
  1. Fishing is permitted on Grewe's Lake with a valid permit.
  2. MEDC Fishing Permits may be purchased at the Club House and are valid for one season.
  3. Please see Fishing Policy for fish size requirements and further details
Basketball & Volleyball Court Rules
  1. Courts open from dawn until dusk.
  2. Court use for RV Park guests or Visitor Pass guests only.
  3. No bicycles, rollerblades, or skateboards on the courts.
  4. Do not hang on basketball rim or volleyball net.
  5. No glass or alcoholic beverages on the courts.
  6. Use courts at your own risk.